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Centrifuge Rentals

At JDM Industrial Inc., We have a fleet of Centrifuge Rental skids for your emergency or a temporary project.

Most of our Rental fleet has less than 1000 hours of Service after complete refurbishment. Each Rental skid is thoroughly cleaned and tested prior to next shipment for a long reliable service and piece of mind.

All Centrifuge Rental skids are complete with NEMA 4 control panel and over sized water filter. All Self Cleaning centrifuge skids are equiped with automatic Controls. All you need to do is hook up the power, feed and water. The system may be set in operation in as little as 2 hours.

To speed up the installation and start up of process, we will advise our customer for the hook up connections sizes and power requirements before the rental skids arrive on site. This saves a very valueable time and speeds up the process.

Please contact us any time of the day or week ends for any assistance in this matter. We take your emergencies as serious as you do.

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ALFA LAVAL WSB 104 - GLYCOL treatment system ALFA LAVAL MAPX-207 - Fuel/Oil treatment system ALFA LAVAL MAPX-205 - Fuel/Oil treatment system

Centrifuge Rental Skids:

  • Centrifuge Rental skids for Fuel Treatment.

  • Lube oil purification and Waste Oil Recycling

  • Hydraulic Oil system clean up and water removal

  • And many other applications

  • Centrifuge skids are rented on Monthly basis

  • We offer solid bowl and Self cleaning Centrifuges in Several sizes
  • All Rental Centrifuge skids have controls with NEMA 4 ratings
  • All Rental skids have One set of Bowl removal and Installation tools and set of standard sapre parts.

Following Centrifuge Rental SKIDs are available

  • ALFA LAVAL MAB-104 with 18KW heater SKID with wheels, 460VAC power supply
  • ALFA LAVAL WSB-104 Glycol SKID
  • ALFA LAVAL MAB-205 SKID on wheels
  • ALFA LAVAL MAPX-205 self cleaning Centrifuge SKID with controls
  • ALFA LAVAL MAPX-207 self cleaning Centrifuge SKID with controls

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